• Pedro Santos

Chuva (2015) Daqui (2014) Intrio (2008)


With the rain, life is born and remade.

The water lubricates the Earth's soul,

Brings life to the voice, gives voice to the sea and dressup forests.

It houses the baby until its birth.

It is storm when it wants to;

Destroy cities and becomes mud where no one is able to breathe.

Occasionally we are like water in our life, occasionally we are mud.

In all things God is always God, the God of eternal love.

  • Musics
  • 1. Chuva Pedro Santos
  • 2. Zé confuso Pedro Santos
  • 3. Assembléia Pedro Santos
  • 4. João 14 Pedro Santos
  • 5. Multidão Sem Voz Pedro Santos / Gabriel Ferreira
  • 6. Vida Pedro Santos
  • 7. Graça Everton Santos / Pedro Santos
  • 8. Amor Pedro Santos
  • 9. Últimas Palavras Pedro Santos
  • Datasheet
  • Pedro Santos - Percussion and Acoustic Guitar
  • Everton Santos - Small Guitar ("Cavaquinho")

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I am Pedro Filipe Rodrigues dos Santos, son of Rubens Batista dos Santos and Sebastiana Gomes Rodrigues, brother of Everton Santos and Ruben Santos. I was born in São Paulo, Tucuruvi neighborhood, and there I started giving my first steps as a human.

I started enjoying music as a child influenced by my brother Everton, who played drums in the church and then taught me the basics. I kept learning on my own until 15 years old, when, in Ribeirao Preto, I met a great drummer and then a symphonic percussionist, who taught me more of the instrument and helped me get into the University of Sao Paulo.

In college I learned more about music. In Ribeirao Preto I met someone who would change my story, someone who makes me travel in dreams and who, today, I am married to. This woman who accompanies me every day is a friend, girlfriend, confidante, bride, I love her beyond the stars! Also in Ribeirao Preto I met a great friend who became my musical partner. At 22, I returned to São Paulo, where I got to develop myself further as a drummer and meet people who helped me get more deeply into the music world.

A musician/poet helped me organize my life and understand how I can better live it; a producer/filmmaker helped me think about sociology and Christianity; an Argentine who opened his studio and his home to teach me more of music and technology; a publicity helped me to think the conception of my work; in addition to the musicians who walked and still walk with me through the early morning talks on art/music.

In all these relationships, I could see more of God and Christianity. I thank God for the opportunity to know and walk together every one of these great friends mentioned above.

I love you.

From my father, Rubens, I inherited the samba; from my mother, Tiana, I inherited the Sertão;
From my brother, Everton I got the drums; from my brother, Ruben, gratitude;
From Gabriel the partnership; from Inácio and Luiz, education;
From Minoru, I received the poetry; From Davi, I learned more about reason;
From Claudio, I received the alchemy; From Mateus, the beauty of the design;
From a girl, I gained what i wanted the most, she's Patricia and she gave me her heart.
God, who is life's composer, gave me my family, friends and his love, which is immense.



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